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Type Product Link Company RD ODS M/A ΔLw Other
Platform Floor Profloor Activ Deck A Proctor Group UK Ltd FFT5 31 mm - -
Platform Floor Profloor Refurb Deck A Proctor Group UK Ltd FFT5 26 mm 13 kg/m2 -
Platform Floor Profloor Micro Deck A Proctor Group UK Ltd FFT5 17 mm 8 kg/m2 -
Platform Floor Hush-Panel 17 Hush UK Ltd FFT5 19 mm - -
Platform Floor Hush-Panel 28 Hush UK Ltd FFT5 28 mm 15 kg/m2 -
Platform Floor Deck 9 Monarfloor Acoustic Systems FFT5 17 mm 7 kg/m2 -
Platform Floor Slimfloor Rockwool Ltd FFT5 28 mm - -
Platform Floor Fermacell 2E31 Xella Dry-Lining Systems FFT4 30 mm 27 kg/m2 -
Platform Floor Fermacell 2E32 Xella Dry-Lining Systems FFT4 30 mm 27 kg/m2 -
Platform Floor Hush-Panel Premier 52 Hush UK Ltd FFT4 52 mm 23 kg/m2 -
Platform Floor Deck 22 Monarfloor Acoustic Systems FFT4 30 mm 30 kg/m2 -
Resilient Batten Profloor Dynamic Batten 67 mm A Proctor Group UK Ltd FFT3 67 mm - -
Resilient Batten Profloor Activ Batten 58 mm A Proctor Group UK Ltd FFT3 58 mm - -
Resilient Batten Hush-Batten 55 Hush UK Ltd FFT3 55 mm - -
Resilient Batten Acoustic Batten 50mm Monarfloor Acoustic Systems FFT3 50 mm - -
Cradle & Batten Hush-Cradle Hush UK Ltd FFT2 70 mm - -
Resilient Batten Hush-Batten 70 Hush UK Ltd FFT1 75 mm - -
Resilient Batten Acoustic Tri-Batten 78mm Monarfloor Acoustic Systems FFT1 78 mm - -
Platform Floor Structure Deck Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - 37 mm 27 kg/m2 -
Platform Floor Tri-Deck Monarfloor Acoustic Systems - 35 mm 21 kg/m2 -
RD A Robust Detail construction for Part E of the Building Regulations in accordance with the performance requirements of Robust Details Ltd.
ODS Overall depth of system
M/A Mass per unit area
ΔLw Weighted reduction of impact sound pressure level (delta Lw) measured in accordance with ISO 140-8 and rated in accordance with ISO 717-1
Other Alternative acoustic test data may be available, typically where the product has been tested in-situ or as part of a combined system.

About floating floor treatments

Acoustic floating floor treatments comprising of a floating layer and a resilient layer. Typical FFT systems include isolated screeds, cradle and batten, resilient batten and platform floors. Suitably rated systems can be used to achieve the floor type 2 floating floor requirements of Approved Document E 2003 Resistance to the passage of sound.